Through its Women’s Cancer Programs, the Entertainment Industry Foundation is committed to saving lives by raising awareness about the importance of early detection of breast and reproductive cancers, providing funds to advance treatment research and early detection methods, and supporting community programs that assist the millions of women and their families at risk of cancer or affected by it. 

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EIF'S Women's Cancer Programs


EIF’s Women’s Cancer Program focuses on two distinct cancer research areas: one to develop an early detection blood test for breast cancer and the other to fast-track more effective, less toxic treatments for women’s cancers.


Learn about the science our Women's Cancer Programs are funding for Early Detection.

Read about the cutting-edge work to find More Effective, Less Toxic Treatments for women's cancers.

What Do we do?

With the support of generous corporate and individual donors, EIF operates a range of cancer fundraisers to support EIF’s Women’s Cancer Programs and the initiatives that are under it:  Annually, EIF runs three of the largest single-day women’s cancer fundraisers in the country:

Lee National Denim Day
EIF Revlon Run/Walk For Women (LA & New York)
An Unforgettable Evening

Where does the money go?


EIF’s Women’s Cancer Programs grants supported two distinct breast cancer research projects: one to fast-track more effective, less toxic treatments and increase patient access to some of the most significant clinical trials in the nation; and the other is a multi-year effort led by world-class scientists to develop a blood test for earlier detection of breast cancer when survival rates are the highest.


Early Detection

EIF Breast Cancer Biomarker Research Project

Institute for Systems Biology

Battelle/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

University of Texas/M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research ...

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