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“Life-saving, hope-delivering, resilience-reinforcing programs, services and essential humanitarian support for Ukraine’s displaced and refugee children – extraordinary young people in the cross-hairs of an out of control superpower…”
– Irwin & Karen Redlener

On the Ground, Hands On, Transparent…

Ukraine Children’s Action Project Co-Founders Dr. Irwin Redlener & Karen Redlener

The Ukraine Children’s Action Project was established to assess and support the urgent needs of displaced children who have escaped from a brutal Russian invasion that began on February 24, 2022. Since that time, nearly 2/3 of Ukraine’s children under age 15 have fled besieged areas in eastern regions of the nation. Many of these children have been severely traumatized and/ or have been unable to continue their education. But when the war/ terror campaign is over, they must be ready and able to return to Ukraine as an essential part of the nation’s future.


UCAP works with local officials and non-governmental organizations in Lviv, Ukraine and countries, especially Poland, that are continuing to receive Ukrainian refugees to optimize the health, well-being and education of children who have been separated by war from their homes and communities.

We have also expanded our reach to work with other children in the Lviv region – and beyond –  who are now impacted every day by the fear of drone attacks, the lack of access to electricity, internet, and clean water and the growing unpredictability of their education. UCAP functions in a high-level advisory capacity, as well, by providing strategic direct grants to programs supporting these children.

UCAP’s “rules of engagement”

  • This crisis is an emergency and UCAP commits to acting rapidly and responsibly.
  • Every program supported by UCAP is personally vetted by the Redleners and UCAP’s staff
  • Every grantee is accountable for funds received by UCAP

Click here for the Ukraine Children’s Action Project’s year-end report and plans for 2023




UCAP Special Project: Recovery Camps for Kids

A highly successful, professionally managed Ukrainian charity run by an absolutely wonderful and caring staff has been organizing special one-day and five-day programs for traumatized children who have been displaced to Lviv from eastern and southern parts of Ukraine under siege.  Their rates of success are excellent, and all programs are supervised by trauma-focused psychologists and staffed by trained specialists and volunteers.  When a new camp enrollment opportunity for children is announced online, the space available fills up immediately – with many children placed on a wait list.  UCAP funded a large  generator so that Recovery Camps could operate at full capacity during this cold winter and continues to expand their capacity to serve more children and families.
Click here to donate.

UCAP Special Project: Cold Winter Rx

Putin’s latest terror campaign aimed at Ukraine’s children and civilians aims to destroy the country’s electrical grid and fuel supply lines.  As a severe winter unfolds, conditions for families are brutal.  UCAP continues to provide additional generators and wood-burning stoves to community sites, schools and homes along with winter clothes for hundreds of children living in the Carpathian Mountains.  You can help by supporting UCAP’s special project, Cold Winter Rx.  Click here to donate.

UCAP Special Project: The School Project

Constant bombardment of energy infrastructure has made it impossible for many children to attend school and for them to be adequately heated. To make matters worse, many children are severely traumatized from what they’ve experienced in the war. Teachers need to know how to manage classrooms filled with psychologically suffering students. UCAP is providing tablets for remote learning, generators for schools and on-line training to help teachers teach under the shadow of war.  Click here to donate.


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