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We Are Enough (WAE)
teaches women of all economic levels and demographics why and how to invest in women owned/led businesses and/or with a gender lens.

We Are Enough is a catalyst for game-changing solutions for women globally to achieve economic independence through investing and entrepreneurship.

While many organizations are addressing the issue of women entrepreneurs’ lack of access to capital, and others are educating women on basic investing or encouraging the growth of professional female investors, no organization is targeting the everyday woman, globally, on the potential of her investing power when she aligns it to help women. WAE educates and inspires women to take control of their investing dollars, generate wealth, and impact their community and the economy.

Whether it’s $25, $25K or $25M… whether you have a piggy bank or own a bank… we show women how to harvest their individual investing power, create a global mindset shift to align their investments with personal values, generate wealth… AND change the world!