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People's Fund of Maui: Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson pledged $10M for Maui wildfire survivors. They gave much more.

Akim Aliu’s Time to Dream Foundation aims to make youth sports, including the game of hockey, more diverse, inclusive, affordable and accessible to all, regardless of race, gender and socioeconomic background.

Additionally, Akim Aliu Time to Dream will strongly focus on promoting equality and tolerance not only within sports, but also within society, while advocating for civil rights and fairness. By removing barriers to participation, Time to Dream leverages the sporting experience to help youth achieve success in life.

To realize this mission, Akim Aliu Time to Dream works with strategic partners to develop and implement programs to help youth feel inclusive by providing the moral, financial and hands on training to help them reach their ultimate potential in sports and all walks of life.