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People's Fund of Maui: Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson pledged $10M for Maui wildfire survivors. They gave much more.

FosterMore raises awareness about the youth in America’s foster care system.

FosterMore shines a light on the amazing potential of youth and families in the foster care system, and empowers all foster youth to reach their dreams through education. FosterMore encourages all of us to play a part in ensuring that youth in foster care receive the support, nurturing, and guidance they need to succeed in life.

Nationwide, more than 400,000 youth live in foster care.

Young people enter foster care, through no fault of their own, when the courts determine they need to be temporarily or permanently removed from their current living situation because of challenges at home.

Despite the challenges of foster care, these youth have dreams, ambitions and the potential to succeed. A recent study found that 70% of foster youth aspire to go to college. However, like all children, they need guidance and support. Whether that comes from a family member, mentor, friend, teacher or other member of the community, that support can make all the difference.

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