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Congrats to Billy Porter on Receiving the Isabelle Stevenson Award at the 2024 Tony Awards Last Night!

The SI20 Foundation equips youth from all backgrounds and skill levels with equitable access to sports to create genuine connections and build stronger communities for life.

Created by Sabrina Ionescu, the SI20 Foundation will break down the biggest barriers preventing youth from accessing sports while setting them up with the molds of success they will utilize throughout their lives.

Youth in the United States don’t always have access to physical activity and sports participation and often have fewer options to become access. Due to the lack of access, they are less likely to participate in sports, ultimately determining what sports and how long they play.

In collaboration with strategic partners, the SI20 Foundation uses sports as the initial method of intervention to engage vulnerable youth in programming that incorporates and implements life and social elements focusing on four key areas:

  1. Relationship building and peer engagement
  2. Social and emotional intelligence
  3. Goal setting and leadership
  4. Cultural inclusion and community impact
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