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The Ukraine Children’s Action Project is a new initiative designed to provide urgent mental health and educational support to Ukrainian children who are either refugees in Poland or internally displaced in their own countryall fleeing a humanitarian crisis and brutal war.

Co-Founded by Dr. Irwin Redlener and Karen Redlener, the Ukraine Children’s Action Project (UCAP) is working directly with the cities of Lviv, Ukraine and Warsaw, Poland – along with a range of local, international organizations, as well as senior government officials in both countries – to address the critical and growing needs of hundreds of thousands of traumatized kids who fled the brutal battlegrounds of eastern and southern Ukraine.  Many have sought safety, usually with a parent, in the western regions of Ukraine; others are living as refugees in Poland and other countries.

These children need psychological support, access to health care and, for virtually every school-age child, access to language compatible education. This precisely defines the mission and work of the Ukraine Children’s Action Project.

UCAP is working with schools and special programs in Ukraine and Poland to implement special enrichment sessions for Ukrainian children and support remote learning hubs to make sure that displaced children who aren’t able to attend in-person school are able to continue studies through high quality, on-line access to virtual learning.

Many corollary needs are addressed as well. Sometimes it’s about training teachers to deal with classrooms filled with psychological traumatized students. UCAP was also there to provide textbooks to elementary students when educational funds were diverted to support the vital military needs of Ukraine’s army.

In Lviv and Warsaw, UCAP plans to roll-out its signature Future Ready initiative that will help identify health barriers to learning and offer wide-ranging support for children who are suffering from psychological trauma.

UCAP is working with the American Federation of Teachers, The Polish Teacher’s Union, the Ukraine Teachers Union, National Psychological Association of Ukraine, UNICEF and other organizations.

Dr. Redlener is also in regular communication with senior medical leaders in Lviv to understand and support medical and rehabilitation needs for children who have been transported from eastern and southern Ukraine to Lviv for care and treatment.

Finally, UCAP’s leaders are committed to helping make sure that media and the American public don’t lose sight of Ukraine’s children who continue to suffer under a war over which they had no say and no ability to bring the violence to an end.

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