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Best Buy Partners With Foundations to Open New Teen Tech Centers in Los Angeles

The Ukraine Children’s Action Project is a new initiative designed to provide urgent mental health and educational support to Ukrainian children who are either refugees in Poland or internally displaced in their own countryall fleeing a humanitarian crisis and brutal war.

Co-Founded by Dr. Irwin Redlener & Karen Redlener, the Ukraine Children’s Action Project (UCAP) is working with the City of Warsaw and a range of organizations on the ground to address the critical and growing needs of the more than 150,000 traumatized Ukrainian kids seeking refuge in Poland and displaced in their own country. They need psychological support, sometimes access to health care and, for virtually every school-age child, access to language compatible education. This is precisely the work and mission of the Ukraine Children’s Action Project.

UCAP will partner with schools and special programs in Poland and Western Ukraine to implement “summer language and enrichment sessions for Ukrainian Children”, on-line learning opportunities, nutrition programs and support for children with disabilities. Click here to learn more about the Ukraine Children’s Action Project.


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