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DEFY:DISASTER is the entertainment community’s collective and immediate response to natural disasters.

Building on the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s historic commitment to furthering the philanthropic efforts of the entertainment community, the program aims to support immediate and long-term relief with a primary goal of making a powerful and sustainable impact in highly affected areas.

In October 2020, EIF reintroduced the full breadth of its disaster relief efforts under the program name Defy:Disaster. The program, which previously operated under the name Music for Relief, is dedicated to providing aid to survivors and communities affected by natural disasters to help them recover and rebuild. Supported by the entertainment community and the public, EIF’s disaster relief program has responded to more than 40 natural disasters, including the COVID-19 pandemic and hurricane relief for the Southeast. As the first effort under its new name, Defy:Disaster has launched the Lend a Hand campaign to support firefighters in California battling another season of record-breaking fires.

In 2020, EIF’s disaster relief program and its fund partners supporting disaster response have granted more than $10 million to beneficiaries.  In 2018, the program, with the help of its unity partners throughout the entertainment industry, donated funding for vital equipment, including hydration packs central to firefighters’ safety, to first responders across California and made grants to local partner organizations supporting families impacted by the wildfires.  The goal of the current Lend a Hand campaign is to equip California firefighters with structure fire gloves that protect them in residential, commercial, and high-rise fires, which present some of the most challenging and dangerous working conditions.

EIF’s disaster relief efforts originated with the nonprofit’s formation more than 75 years ago, when the organization provided grants to wartime agencies such as the United States Organizations and American Red Cross. Later efforts included Hope for Haiti Now and Somos Una Voz, during which national, multi-network telecasts raised millions of dollars for those impacted by the disasters.

In 2018, Music for Relief, a nonprofit founded by the band Linkin Park, joined EIF and became the name of its official crisis relief program with the goal of expanding the vision and scope of its efforts.  In just two years, the program has been utilized and supported by the entire entertainment community.  As EIF’s disaster relief program changes its name to Defy:Disaster to reflect a broader entertainment effort, Music for Relief will continue as a fund of EIF dedicated to music-driven efforts in response to disasters.

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