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iParticipate engaged the entertainment community to highlight the importance of volunteerism.

Through an additional series of PSAs, EIF raised awareness and funds to help non-profit service organizations expand their use of volunteers to address community needs.

In 2009, the Entertainment Industry Foundation mobilized the entertainment community around a groundbreaking initiative designed to inspire a new era of service and volunteerism. The campaign encouraged making service a part of who we are as Americans and showed what we can achieve when we all pull together.

As part of its launch, the four major broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC – and other cable channels participated in an unprecedented, weeklong television event from October 19-25, with more than 100 shows highlighting volunteerism.

EIF produced a series of public service announcements that focused on key areas where volunteers were needed most. Celebrities who volunteered their support included: Blythe Danner, Morgan Freeman, Faith Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Simon Baker, Emily Deschanel, Eva Longoria, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Masi Oka, Michael Strahan, Kate Walsh, and Rainn Wilson. EIF enlisted Jesse Dylan, the creative force behind Bono’s “Red” campaign and “One” and’s iconic “Yes, We Can” video, to create, direct and produce the PSAs.

In addition to generating heightened awareness about the value of community service, EIF provided grants to key volunteer/service organizations to help build their capacity to accept, train and deploy volunteers in areas of the greatest need.