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People's Fund of Maui: Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne Johnson pledged $10M for Maui wildfire survivors. They gave much more.

The California Film Commission seeks to support high-quality K-12 Arts, Media, and Entertainment Career Technical Education and training in public schools, attract new and diverse talent, and improve the preparedness of youth for film industry-related careers.

The California Film Commission (CFC) administers the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program, which provides tax credits to eligible film and TV productions that meet the Program’s criteria. As part of this criteria, productions can financially contribute to Arts, Media, and Entertainment (AME) Career Technical Education (CTE) programs facilitated by California Local and State Education Agencies, including the California Department of Education’s (CDE) AME sector. AME provides training for high school students to prepare for entry into jobs pertinent to the film and television industry, with a goal of creating broader impact and access to employment through viable school to career pathways that result in registered pre-apprenticeship, registered youth apprenticeship, below-the-line production crafts training, and other career readiness opportunities.

Donate to the California Film Commission Film and Television Tax Credit Program - Arts, Media and Entertainment Career Readiness Program