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CherCares is the culmination of the artist’s life-long commitment to help improve the quality of life for those in need.

The CherCares Pandemic Resource and Response Fund strives to ensure that medical staff and people exposed to COVID-19 have the supplies and support they need.

Cher and Dr. Irwin Redlener, Founding Director of National Center for Disaster Preparedness at (NCDP) Columbia University’s Earth Institute, formed the CherCares Pandemic Resource and Response Fund to help underserved communities struggling with poverty and other adversities long before COVID-19 appeared. The focus is on the most needy children and families in America.

Donations are geared toward people in rural and urban communities who have minimal access to physical protection and medical care. CherCares has identified where the greatest needs are and have provided PPE, treatment and testing to clinics in targeted communities and hot spots through existing health care facilities. Equipment and supplies have already been provided to the Aaron E. Henry Community Health Center in Clarksdale, Mississippi, to be followed by support for low income farmworkers in California’s Central Valley, overstressed clinics across the country and caring for disadvantaged children in New York who haven’t been able to access their usual clinics because of COVID-19 concerns. As more hotspots are identified CherCares will continue to offer help to those communities.

Free The Wild is an international charity relieving the suffering of wild animals in captivity around the world. Working with governments, partnering NGOs and the public, the charity identifies cases where zoos, circuses and private owners who can no longer support their animals. The team finds the most suitable, globally accredited sanctuaries to take the animals in or, if possible, release them back into the wild. Many of these cases involve heart-breaking abuse and total solitude.

Founded by Cher, Mark and Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, Free The Wild’s core principles stem from a life-long passion for conservation and animal well-being. Mark and Gina have worked in wildlife conservation for over two decades and were closely involved in Operation Phoenix – the world’s largest wildlife relocation project. With Cher’s deep-routed passion to prevent suffering and her powerful international presence, Free The Wild was given the voice it needed to bring about real change. For five long years, Free The Wild fought tirelessly to free Kaavan “the World’s Loneliest Elephant” from his chains in Islamabad Zoo. And, with support from their donors, they did it. Kaavan now lives at peace in the tranquil jungles of Cambodia.

Free The Wild has many critically important projects currently underway and, in order to have them succeed, they need both corporate and public support and regular donations. Seven lions and a tiger are on death row in Ukraine with their dilapidated zoo homes on the brink of collapse. Lucy the Elephant in Edmonton Valley Zoo has spent four decades breathing the icy Canadian air and most of that time, completely alone. Bua Noi sits in a glass box on the roof of a city mall with nothing but a TV to keep her company, along with dozens of other primates, small mammals, birds and reptiles. A politically-sensitive case is developing in South-East Asia involving a large number of elephants in distress that urgently need food, water and a long-term home.

Improving these animals lives and saving them from the brink of death is Free The Wild’s top priority. The support you can give will make a difference.

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